Entry #2

5 New Project

2012-02-12 16:34:47 by Kimathi

Yo, it's been longtime I have not given my new, so here I am :)
I led three projects that are under construction but "Luffy Vs Sonic Part 3"
is my priority! my other projects are:
-Knuckles Vs Sanji-
-Ichigo Vs Shanks-
-a trailer for my series-
-an opening-
-and an episode of my series "One Piece X" -
For Those interrese is a crossover between Sonic and One Piece

That's it! I would like your support to encourage me to continue to serve you better!

5 New Project


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2012-05-27 11:17:34

All of this sound like a pretty good idea since you made the Sonic vs Luffy fights


2012-06-21 05:05:03

Hey, could you show me where you got all of your effects? I'd REALLY appreciate it.