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New Comer

2011-02-03 12:22:43 by Kimathi

Hello my name is Flavien Kimathi I am 12 years old and I'm new newground.
thank you for supporting me
right now I'm on an animation project: Luffy vs Omega
I will redouble my effort to finish it as soon as possible!
it will be ready by around 1 or 2 months then you must be patient

ps leave your idea or your criticism in order to help me arrange my work

New Comer


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2011-03-15 16:10:50

IM 14 and im trying to flash


2011-03-15 20:45:32

Wanna be friends


2011-03-17 19:00:19

Hi how's it going

Kimathi responds:

Hi ! so , how can we be friends ?


2011-04-18 21:18:29

yeah we can be friends


2011-06-15 23:32:50

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2011-09-02 17:29:16

he's lying he's actually 20 years old...